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Das Bild zeigt das Team der SchrottBienen.

About Us

We are a young start-up from Neuss that is reinventing scrap metal recycling.

Why ScrapBees?

Bees are important for the ecosystem. The correct recycling of scrap metal is just as important for ecologically compatible coexistence. After all, every tonne of scrap metal collected is more than a tonne of iron ore that can remain in the ground.

Another advantage of recycling: the production of steel from 100% recycled scrap metal produces around 2/3 less CO2 compared to other processes (source).

Comparable to a swarm of bees, our vehicles are on the road all over Germany to collect the “pollen” of scrap metal. And just like the bees, we take care of producing the finest honey from the raw materials.

For the scrap bees, this means sorting the collected scrap metal and removing any dirt. This is the only way the material can be returned to the cycle.

For us, ecological and social responsibility is not just marketing.

That is why we are involved in environmental protection projects, such as the Rhine Cleanup:

Sometimes, however, scrap metal trading also means that old metal is not simply melted down again. When we collected a fully functional sterilizer (medical device for sterilizing scalpels, etc.) from a customer, we were able to pass it on to a hospital project in Malawi on the same day.

One team, one goal

We dream of a world in which scrap metal recycling is easy for everyone to use. We want recycling to be fun. Because it’s good for you, good for us and good for the planet.

Supported by:

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